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Leadership Presentation

certified group facilitator

In today's rapidly changing world, Facilitation is an essential skill for thriving workplaces.


Learning to facilitate effectively can drastically improve the effectiveness of any given team. A facilitator should possess the ability to both lead and guide a group towards their desired objective. This requires keen observation and active listening as well as sound judgment in order to assess group dynamics and identify areas of potential improvement.


​Build your confidence and competence & learn expert facilitation skills!

This program is mind-blowing. Daphna masterfully reveals
the facilitation techniques hidden in plain sight. I am leaving with new skills in my
toolkit and an understanding of when to use them and why they work.

Team Meeting

Build your authority

For those who have already established themselves as strong, competent leaders and command respect, here is an opportunity to refine your leadership skills even further. With the proper guidance, you can learn how to facilitate better meetings & trainings, build relationships with colleagues and staff, and create a more effective team dynamic.

If you are looking to master the art of facilitation, this is the training for you. Not only does Daphna give you practical tips, tools and on the spot practice, she demonstrates the use of them with her own facilitation throughout the program.


I highly recommend this training program. I had no idea I had so much to learn that ultimately has increased my confidence in my Facilitation abilities. Daphna's depth of experience, her "commanding" and professional demeanor, combined with her willingness to share while holding accountability to the outcomes and integrity to our learning inspire me to be the best Facilitator I can be. She really calls you forth!

What's in it for you?

  • Get certified!  Build your credibility, reputation & professionalism in group settings

  • Expand your skillset

  • Confidently & competently lead group sessions & meetings

  • Maximize your and your team's time and outcomes

  • Learn how to confidently manage the complex dynamics and inevitable problems that come up in groups

What's included?

  • Certification as a Certified Group Facilitator

  • A digital badge you can proudly display in all your social media

  • 15 hours of LIVE group training, coaching & practice in a small group setting

  • Real life, hands-on experience leading groups with real-time feedback

  • Demos by an expert facilitator

  • Group and small group practice and discussions

  • Access to materials, checklists, templates, and a competency rubric

  • One-on-one review of your Group Session by an expert trainer

  • A one-on-one feedback session with an expert trainer to explore successes and improvement areas (optional)

Where is this course held?

  • Conveniently delivered through Zoom so you can attend from anywhere in the world

  • Attend real classes LIVE with your trainer and fellow classmates


Optional: Onsite classes available for your team.  Inquire for details!

Graduation requirements

  • Attend at least 80% of the live classes

  • Successfully complete and submit the recording of a live Group or Training session

  • Achieve a passing grade of at least 75% marked against a rubric

  • Optional: Attendance at a live 1:1 debrief session with the lead trainer

Daphna was an open book, offering valuable insight and tools during each session. Learning from her gave me the confidence to begin facilitating groups. For anyone looking to become a group facilitator, I highly recommend taking this course.

Anyone can become a great group facilitator if they have the right tools, techniques, and skills. Maximize your impact! Facilitation skills are an essential component of effective team meeting or training.  Become a Certified Group Facilitator.

A skilled facilitator is like the sails of a ship. They guide the group where they need to go, with no objective other than to lead them to their destination. A boat without sails can eventually get to its destination, but it is much easier and more effective when the sails guide them.

This certification is designed for helping professionals who would like to enhance their professionalism and authority as a Group Facilitator or Trainer.  This Certified Group Facilitator course teaches you HOW to facilitate impactful sessions so you can be the sails and guide your participants easily and effortlessly to their learning and impact.

Facilitation is important because meetings of small or large groups of people can be very hard to organize as well as to control when they are in progress. Think about all of the ineffective meetings you’ve been to; meetings where nothing really got done and the objectives weren't met.

There are skills that every facilitator should have to create an environment that’s optimal.  This course teaches you how.

Note: This is not an instructional design course.  While we touch on content, this is not a course designed to teach you WHAT to facilitate.  This course assumes you have that knowledge, or will acquire it elsewhere.  The Certified Group Facilitator program teaches you HOW to confidently and competently command a group.

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