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Training is an essential part of your team's professional development.

Employee training is a vital part of any successful organization. By investing in the development of your workforce, you can create a more engaged and productive team. Training helps employees to acquire new skills and knowledge that can be used to benefit the company. Additionally, it can help to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, leading to better retention rates.

Programs designed to build skills and engagement.

Training your team members is important to leaders and organizations because they can offer:

  • Learning strategies that drive growth & development

  • A positive working environment

  • Development of effective leadership teams

The goal of workplace training is to ensure that your team members are capable of providing consistent, high-quality work with minimal oversight.

What programs are offered?

Assessment-based Training Programs include:

  • Myers-Briggs Team Building & Collaboration​

  • Effective Communications with the Enneagram

  • Managing your Energy Using Energy Leadership 


Other topics include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Development

  • Situational Leadership

  • Developing Emotional Courage

  • Creating a Coaching Culture

  • Effective Communications

  • Relationship Building

  • Exercising your Influence

  • Time & Priority Management

  • Stress Management & Mitigating Burnout

  • Providing Feedback

  • Communicating & Leading Across Virtual Teams

  • Unlocking Great Customer Service

... and more.


Where are the programs held?

Many organizations are choosing to offer training programs delivered remotely through Zoom. The benefits of this are many:

  • Equal opportunity for members of a distributed workforce to participate

  • Cuts down on costs

  • Eliminates travel time

  • Mitigates downtime

  • Easier to scale into smaller workshops delivered over several days or weeks


Onsite programs are also available. These may be a great choice if your team is geographically close to each other, or if you are looking to add training to your team offsite. 

Onsite delivery can:

  • Encourage team building and camaraderie

  • Compels employees to be more “in the zone”

  • Facilitate relationship-building

  • Offer a more experiential learning experience

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