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executive & leadership

Helping leaders and emerging leaders understand their inner core - values, beliefs, thoughts, motivations and emotions - so they can strengthen their outer core - competencies - and ultimately break through self-imposed limitations and achieve all they are capable of, as a leader and as a person. 


Leaders and future leaders are assessed using proprietary “inner-core” assessments to gain insight into the leader's “outer-core” effectiveness.

"prescription without diagnosis is malpractice"


The personal and professional benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career, relationships and self-concept. Coaching can boost confidence, improve work performance, and build effective communication skills.  Having a coach gives you a safe space talk through sensitive issues, challenge your perceptions and default reactions, and choose how you want to act and react to what life inevitably throws at us.


All assessment results are debriefed over insightful, engaging sessions and the remaining coaching sessions feature partnering with the leader “hip to hip” to help them build and implement their custom leadership and personal development plan, focused on leveraging their gifts and strengths and addressing their development needs.

Throughout the process, individuals gain powerful insights about their own leadership strengths and development gaps.

Engaging. In-depth. Process-driven.
Individually tailored. Focused on results.​

"Daphna provided more actionable tools and resources, applicable to all areas of my life, than I have ever received. Every session was enlightening, and this overall program was life-changing for me."
"It’s almost uncanny how much I feel she 'gets' me."
“Daphna is awesome! She can give you a solution or suggestion to any scenario. An ultimate professional that can break something down in the simplest terms but so eloquently at the same time leaving you in awe. Amazing experience!”

Included with Coaching Packages

Coaching is about instilling sustainable tools to support you through your life. 

Therefore, you will receive all these tools and resources with every package:


Assessments & Pre-work


Tools &





Reflection Activities

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