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Empowering leaders.
Enhancing culture.

Leaders who Master the 4 Dimensions of Leadership are better equipped to foster positive cultures where innovation, resilience, and inclusivity can flourish.


By mastering the dimensions of Doing, Being, Feeling and Creating, leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their teams, and their organizations. This enables them to align their actions with their values, inspire trust and collaboration, and drive meaningful change.

Organizations benefit from having strong, inclusive leadership teams that are capable of inspiring and motivating others. By fostering a culture where each individual's strengths are recognized and leveraged, organizations can strengthen culture and enhance employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance. 

An graphic of the 4 dimensions of leadership model.

Assessment Based. Action Oriented.  Expect Results.

We empower leaders to harness their unique capabilities and those of their teams to foster a thriving company culture.

Mastering the 4 Dimensions of Leadership is designed to equip leaders with the tools and strategies necessary to set and achieve concrete goals. Far from being a program solely focused on introspection or theoretical concepts, this program is action-oriented, aimed at driving tangible results and measurable progress.


Through a structured framework that centres on Mastering the 4 Dimensions of Leadership, leaders are empowered to identify clear objectives, develop practical action plans, and execute them with intention. By fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, this program ensures leaders not only gain valuable insights but also take decisive action to drive meaningful change within their teams and organizations. 

"The true reflection Daphna enabled has been life altering and set me on a path towards personal & professional fulfillment. I will be forever grateful and would recommend Daphna for anyone looking for growth and change."


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The Whole 4 Coaching Process is designed to empower leaders with the essential tools and insights needed to drive meaningful change.  By integrating the Awareness, Beliefs, Choice, and Decision framework, individuals embark on a transformative journey guided by clarity, intention, and purpose.


This holistic approach begins with cultivating awareness, helping leaders acknowledge their current reality and identify what is and is not working for them. Through introspection and reflection, individuals gain invaluable insights into their beliefs and thought patterns, challenging and releasing limiting thoughts that hinder their progress. The power of choice grants individuals the freedom to explore options, and to see possibility where they otherwise may not have. Finally, through decisive action and strategic planning, individuals move forward with purpose, propelling themselves toward their goals with confidence and conviction.


This approach helps leaders grow by creating environments where they can thrive and succeed in their journey of leadership development.


We understand the critical importance of coaching the whole person, which we refer to as the Integration of the Whole 4.


This holistic approach extends beyond traditional leadership coaching, encompassing every aspect of an individual's life to foster comprehensive growth and development. We recognize that leaders in organizations are not defined solely by their professional roles but by the multifaceted nature of their lives.


Our coaching process delves into who they are at work, as leaders, colleagues, and team members, inspiring them to embody authenticity and excellence in every interaction. Furthermore, we address their personal well-being, emphasizing self-care and balance to optimize performance both professionally and personally. We also acknowledge the significance of familial and partnership dynamics.


By integrating all facets of their lives, our coaching empowers leaders to cultivate holistic success, resilience, and fulfillment, enabling them to lead with purpose and authenticity in every aspect of their lives.



"Her genuine & positive spirit allowed her to truly challenge me in very constructive ways which enabled me to overcome the false image I had of my professional and personal abilities."

"I highly recommend Daphna to anyone
who is feeling a little lost."

"Daphna impressed me immediately with her candor & insights which always makes for a thought-provoking discussion. Daphna's gift is to ask
probing questions to help me make connections
I’d otherwise be missing."

about your coach & trainer

Hi!  I'm Daphna, a Certified Professional Coach & Expert Facilitator with more than 20 years of enabling individuals to be different and get different results, including getting promoted, improving relationships, building engagement, finding fulfilling work and more.

I began coaching and facilitating learning for and in the corporate arena more than 20 years ago, supporting leaders of all levels across multiple industries. I am also a Coach trainer who helps new and experienced coaches develop group facilitation skills so they can scale their business and ensure every participant has a feeling of victory.

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My core coaching philosophy is as a Choice Catalyst, and my mission is to help people see possibility where others may not.  My credentials include PCC through ICF and CPC through iPEC. With more than 250 coaching clients and over 3,000 coaching hours, I believe I demonstrate how deeply I care about each individual I have the honour to work with, and I believe in every person’s ability to succeed.

I can't wait to support your growth.

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